샌프란시스코의 Posey, 텍사스의 Feliz.. 2010 신인상을 수상하다..



SAN FRANCISCO -- Buster Posey, who contributed mightily to ending the Giants' World Series drought, broke another spell Monday when he was named the National League's Rookie of the Year.

Posey, 23, became the first Giant to win the award since right-hander John Montefusco in 1975. The catcher also was the first Giants position player to secure the honor since left fielder Gary Matthews did so in 1973. Posey's triumph thus mirrored the success of the Giants, who captured the World Series for the first time since 1954.

▲ 샌프란시스코의 월드시리즈 우승에 중추적인 우승을 담당한 23살의 Posey.. 샌프란시스코 선수로는 1975년 John Montefusco이래로.. 처음으로 신인상을 수상한 선수라고 한다.. 포지션 플레이어로는.. 1973년 Gary Matthews이후 처음이라고..  32장의 1위표중.. 20장을 얻으면서.. 애틀란타의 괴물신인 Jason Heyward를 22포인트 차로 제쳤다.. Posey의 .305 타율은.. 100경기 이상 뛴.. 내서널리그 신인선수들 중 가장 높은 수치였고..  5월 29일 이후 메이저에 합류한터라.. 이후.. 기록을 따져보면.. 리그에서 8번째로 높은 타율이었다고.. 여기에 18개의 홈런으로 시즌을 마감했는데.. 이는 내셔널리그 신인들중에 5번째로 많은 수치였고.. 67타점은.. 4번째..  .505의 장타율은 2위..  .357의 출루율은 3위였다고 한다..  Posey는 팀이 슈퍼2조항을 피하기 위해.. 늦게 올린터라 108경기만을 출장한 반면(게다가 7월 1일.. Bengie Molina를 텍사스로 트레이드하기전까지는 주전이 아니었다;) .. Heyward는 142경기를.. 플로리다의 Gaby Sanchez(.273, 19홈런 85타점)는 151경기를 뛰었다고.. 

In balloting conducted by members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America, Posey was named first on 20 of the 32 ballots cast by two writers in each league city, second on nine and third on two to finish with 129 points, based on the 5-3-1 tabulation system. Voting was conducted before the start of the postseason.

Atlanta right fielder Jason Heyward, widely considered the favorite to win the award through much of the season, finished second while garnering nine first-place votes, 20 second-place votes and two third-place votes for 107 points.

Rangers closer Neftali Feliz won the award in the American League.

Posey compiled a .305 batting average, the best among NL rookies who played at least 100 games and the league's eighth-best overall after his May 29 promotion from Triple-A Fresno.

Posey garnished that with 18 home runs (tied for fifth among NL rookies), 67 RBIs (fourth), a .505 slugging percentage (second) and a .357 on-base percentage (third). He also batted a team-high .312 with runners in scoring position.

Posey was recognized despite not starting regularly until July 1, when San Francisco traded catcher Bengie Molina to Texas. Shortly afterward, Posey established his presence with a 21-game hitting streak.

Posey appeared in 108 games -- two-thirds of the regular season, which was the factor most frequently cited by experts believing that others such as Heyward were more deserving of the award. Heyward played 142 games; Florida first baseman Gaby Sanchez (.273, 19 homers, 85 RBIs) appeared in 151.

But Posey maximized his time with the Giants. They were 46-29 when he started at catcher and 62-43 including his stints at first base before Molina was traded.

▲ 그러나.. Poseys는.. 그가 포수로 선발출장했을때.. 샌프란시스코가 46승 29패를 하게끔 만들었던터라..  투표자들이 그걸 높게 평가한 모양..  2008년 샌프란시스코의 1라운더였던 그는.. 2009년 9월 메이저리그에 데뷔했지만 7경기 출장에 그쳤고.. 이번 시즌은 트리플A에 있다가.. 뒤늦게 합류한 바 있다.. 

The Giants' first-round Draft pick in 2008, Posey's reputation preceeded his arrival in San Francisco. The Florida State product made his Major League debut with the Giants in September 2009, but appeared in only seven games. Posey began the 2010 season with Triple-A Fresno, where he all but forced San Francisco to promote him. Posey hit .349 with six homers in the first 47 games of the season in the Minors before getting the call to the Majors.
He continued his hot hitting in his first Major League action of the season, going 3-for-4 with three RBIs against the D-backs. Posey manned first base for most of June, until the Giants traded Molina to the Rangers on July 1.

Posey blasted his way through opposing pitchers in the month of July, batting .417 with seven homers and 24 RBIs en route to winning NL Rookie of the Month honors. That included Posey's hitting streak, which fell one game short of tying the Giants' rookie mark set by Willie McCovey in 1959.

Posey cooled off a bit at the plate in August but rebounded with eight homers in the season's stretch run in September and October. The rookie worked his way into the cleanup spot, from where he helped lift the Giants over the Padres and into the playoffs as the NL West champions on the season's final day.

Though voting for the Rookie of the Year awards was completed by the end of the regular season, Posey performed with poise in the playoffs, batting .288 with five RBIs while helping to lead his club to a World Series title.
Posey also earned praise for his handling of San Francisco's pitching staff, which led the Major Leagues with a 3.36 ERA. The Giants recorded a 3.18 ERA with Posey behind the plate. He also threw out 37 percent of would-be basestealers.

Posey's the sixth rookie in franchise history to receive the BBWAA honor. Preceding Matthews and Montefusco, the first three winners ultimately doubled as Hall of Famers: center fielder Willie Mays (1951), first baseman Orlando Cepeda (1958) and first baseman McCovey (1959).

Cepeda, McCovey, Matthews, Montefusco, right-hander Frank Linzy (1965), catcher Dave Rader (1972), right-hander John D'Acquisto (1974), center fielder Larry Herndon (1976) and second baseman Robby Thompson (1986) were named the league's top rookies by The Sporting News. But the BBWAA awards traditionally have been considered a higher distinction.

ARLINGTON -- Reliever Neftali Feliz has brought to an end the Rangers' 36-year Rookie of the Year drought.

Feliz, 22, was named as the American League Rookie of the Year on Monday by the Baseball Writers' Association of America, the first Rangers player to win that award since Mike Hargrove in 1974. Feliz beat out Tigers center fielder Austin Jackson, outpacing Jackson 20-8 in first-place votes and 122-98 in points.

"It is incredible," Feliz said. "I have to thank my teammates. It was a great season and we had a great year. I feel honored to receive this recognition and I feel very proud of it."

▲ 반면.. 아메리칸리그 신인상은 텍사스의 클로저 Neftali Feliz가 가져갔는데.. 텍사스는 그가 수상하기전에 36년동안 신인상을 배출하지 못한 상황이었다고.. 마지막 주인공은 1974년 Mike Hargrove였다고 한다..  32장의 1위표중 20표를 가져가면서.. 디트로이트의 Austin Jackson을 122-98로 제쳤다고..  신인상을 수상하자.. 믿을 수 없다면서.. 팀 동료들에게 감사한다고..  시즌이 끝나자.. 도미니카로 돌아가..  별생각없이 가족들과 여유롭게 지내고 있었다면서.. 지난 며칠간.. 신문을 읽었는데.. 자신이.. 신인상 후보중에 하나였다는 기사를 보았다고.. 고로..  수상 소식을 들었을때.. 참 기뻤다고 한다..   Feliz는 4월 중순부터.. 텍사스의 클로저를 맡은후 40세이브를 기록했는데..  40개의 세이브는.. 메이저리그 신인 기록이라고 한다..  4승 3패 2.73의 방어율을 찍었고.. 올스타에 선정되기도 했던.. 경기에는 나서지 못했지만.. 대신.. 월드시리즈에 등판했다.. 텍사스가 유일하게 승리한 경기에서 세이브를 챙겼던.. 

Giants catcher Buster Posey won the National League award over Braves right fielder Jason Heyward.

Twins third baseman Danny Valencia finished a distant third in the AL voting with 12 points (one second-place vote). Rays starter Wade Davis received 11 third-place votes for 11 points. Tampa Bay catcher John Jaso received the only other second-place vote. No other Major League team has gone this long without having a Rookie of the Year winner.

"When the season was over and I went to the Dominican Republic, I was just enjoying my family and not thinking about this," Feliz said. "But the last couple of days I started reading the newspapers and saw I was one of the top choices to win the award. It wasn't my decision, but I'm just happy to receive it."

After taking over as the Rangers' closer in mid-April, Feliz saved 40 games, setting a Major League record for most saves by a rookie. He was also 4-3 with a 2.73 ERA while being selected to the AL All-Star team. He did not pitch in the game, but he ended the season pitching for the Rangers in the World Series against the Giants. He recorded a save in the Rangers' only win.

"I'm very happy for him," Rangers manager Ron Washington said. "He deserves it. He was a big part of where we got to, all the way to the World Series. He handled himself extremely well. I didn't see another rookie who was more important to his team than he was to ours."

Relying on a fastball that traveled between 95-100 mph, Feliz struck out 71 batters in 69 1/3 innings while allowing 43 hits and 18 walks. He had just three blown saves. Of the 127 Major League pitchers who have saved at least 40 games in a season, Feliz is just one of 23 who had three or fewer blown saves.

He allowed 8.57 baserunners per nine innings, the fourth fewest by an AL reliever. He was fourth with 5.85 hits allowed per nine innings while his 2.34 walks per nine innings was the 12th lowest among 85 AL relievers who faced at least 150 batters. He was ninth with a 3.94-1 strikeouts-to-walks ratio.

▲ 95~100마일의 패스트볼이 최대 강점인 Feliz는 69.1이닝동안 71명의 삼진을 잡아냈고.. 43안타 18볼넷을 허용했다.. 고작 3개의 블론세이브를 기록했는데.. 최소 40경기 이상 등판해.. 세이브를 기록한 127명의 투수들중에.. 3번 이하의 블론세이브를 기록한 투수는 23명뿐이라고 한다..  9이닝당 8.57명의 주자를 내보냈는데.. 아메리칸리그.. 구원투수들중에는 4번째로 적은 수치라고..  

"The biggest thing was being so young and going to the World Series," Feliz said. "That was for me the great moment. It was a great season. I have to be thankful to God that so many good things happen. All of that and my daughter was born. My teammates were great and so was the organization. They gave us so much support and believed in us. This is a great organization."

A big factor in Feliz's success this year was continued improvement with his breaking ball and changeup. He has always been a hard thrower but developing his secondary pitches have made him a more complete pitcher.

"During the season I had a lot of help from Frank Francisco and from Mike Maddux, my pitching coach," Feliz said. "As the season went on, I had more confidence in my stuff and that made me better. The biggest thing for me next year is trusting my stuff and trusting myself."

▲ 패스트볼이 강점이지만... 메이저에서 성공적인 시즌을 치룬데에는.. 브레이킹볼에 대한 연습을 꾸준히 했기 때문인데..  Feliz는.. Frank Francisco와 Mike Maddux 투수코치로부터 큰 도움을 얻었다고..  구위에 자신감을 얻게되자..  좋은 시즌이 따라왔다고 한다..   올스타전이후.. 31경기에서 1.42의 방어율을 기록했고.. 29개의 삼진을 잡는동안 볼넷은 겨우 5개에 불과했다.. 이 호성적은 포스트시즌까지 이어져.. 7차례 등판해 1.23의 방어율을 기록했고..  7.1이닝동안 3안타 5볼넷 11삼진 1실점을 했다고.. 

Feliz also finished strong even though he was going through the mental and physical grind of his first full season in the Major Leagues. He credited that to strength and conditioning coach Jose Vazquez.

Feliz had a 1.42 ERA in 31 games after the All-Star break, striking out 29 and walking just five. Though it didn't count toward his award, he pitched in seven games in the postseason and had a 1.23 ERA with one save for the AL champions. In 7 1/3 innings, he allowed one run on three hits and five walks while striking out 11.

"We had a long season, but physically I feel 100 percent," Feliz said. "I could still be going strong if we were still playing."

He is the second reliever in two years to win the Rookie of the Year Award, following Oakland's Andrew Bailey. Huston Street won the award while with the Athletics in 2005 and Kazuhiro Sasaki won it while with the Mariners in 2000. Sasaki had 37 saves, which was the record for rookies until Feliz surpassed it this season.

▲ 지난해는 오클랜드의 클로저 Andrew Bailey가 신인상을 수상했고.. 올해는 텍사스의 클로저.. Feliz가..; 2005년에는 오클랜드의 클로저 Huston Street.. 2000년에는.. 시애틀의 Kazuhiro Sasaki가.. 수상했던;;  Sadaki는.. Feliz가 40세이브를 기록하면서 메이저리그 신인 기록을 깰때까지.. 이 부문 기록을 가지고 있었다.. 37세이브..  Feliz는..  다음 시즌에도.. 클로저로 뛸 것으로 보이는데..  이 친구역시.. 클로저로 한 시즌을 보냈던 것에 대해.. 만족스럽다면서..  팀이 원하는대로.. 준비하겠다고.. 인터뷰를 했다.. 텍사스는 2007년 7월 31일.. Mark Teixeira와 Ron Mahay를 애틀란타로 보내면서.. Feliz,  Elvis Andrus, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia 그리고 Matt Harrison, Beau Jone를 얻어온 바 있다.. 

There is still a question if Feliz will remain a closer for the Rangers long term. He was a starter for much of his time in the Minor Leagues until being converted to a reliever last year. There has been talk of Feliz going back into the rotation at some point, but right now, the Rangers expect him to be their closer next year.

"I enjoyed my season as the closer," Feliz said. "I really enjoyed the fans when they were standing and cheering when I went into the game. But at the end of the season, you have to start thinking about next year and whatever they ask me to do, I'll be ready to do it."

The Rangers acquired Feliz on July 31, 2007, with shortstop Elvis Andrus, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and pitchers Matt Harrison and Beau Jones from the Atlanta Braves for first baseman Mark Teixeira and pitcher Ron Mahay.

Feliz made his Major League debut with the Rangers on Aug. 3, 2009, against Oakland and was 1-0 with a 1.74 ERA in 20 appearances for them while retaining his rookie status for this season.

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